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The success of Texas injury benefit programs for injured workers and employers has generated interest in work comp alternatives across America.  The Oklahoma Option was created by a group of local Oklahoma employers, and then ARAWC introduced and later withdrew proposals in Tennessee and South Carolina.  Other states have considered further alternatives.

ARAWC has carefully considered the lessons learned from all of this experience, including substantial misinformation promoting a bias in favor of traditional workers’ compensation systems, as well as many good points and ideas for improvement of injury benefit systems.

While experience has demonstrated that ERISA federal law provides a highly-effective system for injury benefit administration, ARAWC continues to support every state’s right to determine whether to authorize a competitive alternative to traditional workers’ compensation.

ARAWC is focused on how we can further improve Texas injury benefit programs.  Protecting and promoting these programs in Texas will remain ARAWC’s top priority, and other states will do whatever they think is best for them.